Priyanka Chopra Is Urging Everyone to Support India’s Coronavirus Relief Efforts

"India is my home, and India is bleeding."

Priyanka Chopra is calling on everyone to offer support to India during the country’s deadly second wave of coronavirus (COVID-19). According to The New York Times, “by the end of April, more than 17.9 million infections had been confirmed and more than 200,000 people were dead, but experts said the actual figures were likely much higher.” This second surge of coronavirus cases has put a massive strain on the country’s healthcare system, and Chopra, who was born in Jamshedpur, India, is urging her followers to help however they can.

In an Instagram video posted on April 29th, Chopra explained why everyone needs to care about the crisis in her home country. “I’m sitting in London and I’m hearing from my friends and family in India about how hospitals are at capacity,” she said to the camera. “There are no rooms in ICUs, ambulances are busy, oxygen supply is less, crematoriums [are] having mass cremations because the volume of deaths is so much.”

India is my home and India is bleeding—and we as a global community need to care, she continued.

Chopra urged viewers to use their resources and focus their energy on “helping [to] stop this pandemic.” To assist in India’s coronavirus relief efforts, the actress set up a fundraiser alongside her husband, Nick Jonas, with GiveIndia, the country’s largest donation platform providing funds for various forms of aid.

Head to this link to donate to GiveIndia’s #TogetherForIndia fundraising campaign to help the country fight coronavirus.

In addition to the strain on healthcare, the second wave of coronavirus has caused a surge in other struggles, including poverty and hunger, as well. GiveIndia’s fundraising efforts will go toward providing resources, like medical oxygen cylinders, for those battling coronavirus, but also meals for hungry families, financial aid, and menstrual supplies to those in need.

Head to GiveIndia’s website here to find an existing fundraiser to support or start your own fundraiser to share with your community here.

Chopra ended her video with a final call to action. “Please donate and please use your resources as much as you can,” she said. “India needs you.

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