Priyanka Chopra bobs for apples with Jimmy Fallon and we guess that means it’s fall!

If we can count on anyone to welcome in autumn while also making us totally LOL, it’s Jimmy Fallon.

As in, we just heard through Entertainment Weekly that he invited Priyanka Chopra from Quantico onto his show to bob for apples with him. Because, of course he did.


You know, the game where you race to pick up the most apples using ONLY YOUR MOUTH. It’s a classic. But right from the beginning, Fallon had an unfair advantage!

"I just want to say, I'm not American, and I didn't even know about this 'till he told me," Chopra announced before they started.

She didn’t get any sympathy or special treatment from Fallon either, and instead he set a 20 second timer and made her go first. Talk about pressure.

Are you ready for this? HERE WE GO:

As you can see, Fallon’s blind confidence didn’t really serve him well in the end.

And clearly, Chopra is a natural (who also somehow managed to remain completely dry throughout the whole process, like a totally #BOBBINGBOSS). She even helps Fallon by dishing out a few tips at the end.


It’s official: Priyanka Chopra is the apple bobbing champion (and officially the coolest girl ever)!

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