Priscilla Presley finally shares why she left Elvis, and it’s too relatable for anyone who’s gotten way too involved, too fast

Falling in love is often messy, but things get even messier when you’re young and you get involved maybe a little bit more quickly than you should’ve. Add major celebrity status to the mix, and you’ve got a lot of tension to deal with. Now, Priscilla Presley finally shares why she left Elvis. In a video for Loose Women, Priscilla explained the details of her life with Elvis, and we’re hearing her out.

Considering the age difference when Priscilla Presley married Elvis (she was only 21, he was 31) and the visibility of their relationship, we can definitely see why being married to Elvis would have been a super stressful time.

On Loose Women, Priscilla Presley finally shares why she left Elvis, and it turns out that he was pretty controlling throughout their marriage.

In the video, Priscilla explains,

"Moving into Graceland, he already had his inner circle. Of course they embraced me, but I never realized that that was it. We didn't go out."

Eventually, it just got to her. She realized their lives were limited, and controlled.

"We literally lived in a bubble."


But things weren’t just hard because of the age difference. The couple’s power dynamic was off throughout their six years of marriage. She explained,

"There are things you keep to yourself. He never wanted to see me getting dressed. He wanted to see the result of getting dressed."

No matter who you love, you should be able to be your most authentic self with them. You shouldn’t have to be perfect for your loved ones. We’re sending Priscilla nothing but love.

So why did Priscilla leave Elvis? She explained that she “needed to find out what the world was like.” And we’re cheering her on.