Still need a sign for the 2018 Women’s March? Here are some you can print right now

The 2018 Women’s March is today! How did we get here again so quickly? Last year’s historic Women’s March on Washington was so inspiring. Over five million people participated around the world, showing love, support, and strength that is hard to replicate on a daily basis. The 2018 Women’s March and will likely be similar to last year’s in both energy and fight. If you’re preparing to march but don’t have a sign yet, don’t worry — printable signs to the rescue.

Last year, the Women’s March signs were a big focal point of the march. From strong and bold to punny and fun march signs, millions of people expressed their feelings and their hopes for the future on posterboard. In 2017, you may have noticed Shepard Fairey’s stunning artwork represented at the Women’s March. The graphic artist and activist has created many recognizable images over the years. But his work was heavily represented at last year’s march. Powerful images like “Defend Dignity” and “Afrocentric” were seen on signs all over the world.

But let’s be real — not all of us have the time, creativity, or energy to create our own posters for the Women’s March. And that’s ok! Showing up and marching is enough. But if you want your own sign to tote around, the official Women’s March website has your back with printable signs.

Here are 5 printable signs you can carry at the 2018 Women’s March!

When women rise, a whole nation rises.


You can download the sign here.

This year’s Women’s March will be different. People are expecting us — and they know what we’re capable of.


You can download the sign here.

If you are marching in honor of someone, this sign makes it really easy and powerful to state that.


You can download the sign here.

Sometimes, a simple statement is the most impactful.


You can download the sign here.

Anytime anyone utilizes the word “love” as an act of power, we have so many feelings. All good ones.


You can download the sign here.

Like we said, printable signs to the rescue. Happy marching!

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