Pringles’ newest flavor has us seriously intrigued

Two of our favorite guilty pleasure snacks just wed: According to Cosmopolitan, Pringles released a ramen-flavored chip that’s available exclusively at Dollar General. And yes, we’re definitely intrigued.

The flavor, officially called Top Ramen Chicken, was introduced to the Pringles lineup after the company worked out a deal with Nissin. But of course, like many of the fun chip flavors that Pringles has created (Sugar Cookie, anyone?), the chips will only be available for a limited time.

We didn’t think that we could eat something ramen-flavored that was simpler than, well, actual instant ramen. So we’re glad that Pringles proved us wrong.

According to ramen fans, the flavor is pretty much better than you’d even anticipate. If you’ve ever dabbed your finger in the ramen seasoning before adding it to your noodles, you might have a good idea of what these chips taste like. We just love the fact that no stovetop is needed.

If a product flourishes, there’s hope that it might make a comeback in the future — kind of like the McRib. Of course, the main goal (for us, at least) is for Top Ramen Pringles to become a permanent member of the Pringles family.

The Top Ramen Chicken Pringles will retail for around $1.50, unless you catch a sale. No matter what the price, we definitely want to stock up. Hey — it’s never too early to start looking for Christmas presents. The gift of portable ramen would be perfect for your college roommate.

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