The Pringles holiday flavors were just announced, our curiosity has been PIQUED

We’re halfway through the month of October, which means we’re basically a month out from Thanksgiving, which in the commercial world means it may as well be Christmas. And while we maaaaybe have a couple of weeks between us and nonstop Christmas carols in the background of every shopping experience, companies are already getting ready to go with their winter holiday products. One company we did NOT expected to hop on the holiday spirit chain, however, was Pringles. We’re all about BBQ Pringles and cheesey Pringles and pizza Pringles, which are all obviously savory flavors.

But apparently this winter season, Pringles is rolling out a line of sweet, holiday-flavored chips and we’re… surprised, a little uncomfortable, but like, definitely going to buy every flavor and probably love it.


The limited edition flavors will include Pecan Pie and Salted Caramel, which have been released previously, and newcomer Sugar Cookie.

We’re kind of here for weird flavors of potato chips, but we’re extra here for uniquely-flavored Pringles. There’s just something more substantial about Pringles that makes them especially good vehicles for unexpected flavors that will blow your mind. We’re pretty excited about the prospect of covering all of our wintry bases and grabbing a holiday latte from Starbucks to drink alongside our festive chips. It’s kind of the dream.


In addition to these thrilling new flavors, these new Pringles cans are also wearing SWEATERS. Omg.


Is there ANYTHING on planet earth cuter than something very small bundled up in a tacky holiday sweater?


Yeah, no. We don’t think so either.

The Pringles Holiday 2016 limited edition flavors will be available nationwide. You can grab the Sugar Cookie flavor exclusively at Walmart, and the other two can be found exclusively at Dollar General stores. So hitch up your reindeer and map the best course for your sleigh, because holiday Pringles are coming to town SO SOON.

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