This video shows that even principals love snow days, too

There’s another blizzard set to coat much of the central part of the United States later tonight and into tomorrow. And you know what what means? SNOW DAY! (Hopefully! Don’t quote me on that, I am not a meteorologist)

Snow days are completely magical, because it meant pajama time and TV watching all day. If you think you were always excited when this happened, think about your teachers. They like snow days, too. For last week’s giant snowstorm Jonas, one principal, Sean Martin, went out all when he canceled school for his Waterloo Elementary School.

Martin still reported to school on the day of the snowstorm, but finding it completely empty, decided to create a little video for the school’s community, thanking them for all their continued support. With the help of his daughter and her iPhone, they recorded Martin recreates a scene from Risky Business, toilet papering a hallway, and climbing into a recycling bucket, because why not?

“My hope was really to bring a smile to my staff, students and my community and make a new memory. Hopefully I’ve been able to put a smile on people’s faces,” Martin told ABC News. “My teachers and the custodians work so incredibly hard. I just want to lift them up for the jobs that they do each and every day.”

Instead of just being watched by the community, his video has reached far beyond that. It’s now been viewed over 15,000 times! Check it out below, and we’ve got to wonder, do all teachers and principals celebrate like this when there’s no school? (TBH, probably)

(Image via YouTube)