The ladies of the Princeton women’s basketball team just made college sports history

The Princeton women’s basketball team made college sports history last night when they finished their regular season with a PERFECT record. The team’s final record was 30-0. Let that sink in: 30 wins and 0 losses. Those numbers make the Tigers only the second basketball team (men’s or women’s) in Ivy League history to finish the season with a perfect record. The previous team with a perfect season was the Penn men’s team in the 1970-71 season but they had less wins than the Princeton women. GO girls.

Aside from being the feather in their perfect record cap, the Tigers’ victory last night was especially sweet as it was against Penn (a big rival), who Princeton defeated 55-42. Winning puts them in the company of the Kentucky men’s team, the only other Division 1 team this year with a perfect season.

Now the ladies will head into the madness of March Madness and go for that golden ring of the N.C.A.A. Championship. We will certainly be watching all of their games.

Their achievement is so unbelievable and impressive that even some of the team members are still struggling to wrap their brains around what happened:

“Thirty and 0 hasn’t hit me yet,” the team’s junior forward Alex Wheatley told the New York Times. “Thirty and 0 doesn’t compute.”

Of course, their head coach Courtney Banghart is over the moon proud of her team:

“A historic and undefeated season is a remarkable accomplishment that is still sinking in,” Banghart told Princeton’s website. “Winning games is what we train to do, while we know full well that it’s how we go about our work that determines our success . . . This is a true team in every sense of the word.”

As an Ivy League school, Princeton does not give out athletic scholarships, and so the women that make up the Tigers’ basketball team are not just attending the school because of their athletic prowess, but rather they’re likely total brainiacs as well. Their coach Banghart tooted her teams’ horn telling, “Kentucky’s coaching pros,” Banghart said. “We’re coaching potential future CEOs.” Color us impressed.

Long story short, we’re sending the biggest congratulations to the Tiger ladies for playing so hard and making sports history! We are so proud to crown you our Queens of the Day, and we can’t wait to see the inspirational sports movie that someone HAS to make about your unbelievable team and this crazy-awesome season.

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