The insane price of Princess Leia’s bikini (and other ways to spend that money)

A few weeks ago, we learned that Princess Leia’s Star Wars bikini was heading to the auction block. Though we tried our hardest to pool our money together to buy it, we were still just a few dollars shy of its anticipated bidding price. The auction site Invaluable expected its final number to be around $80,000.

Its actual selling price? $96,000. That is a whole lot of money.

Along with the famous gold bikini, the highest bidder (who has asked to remain nameless, so his name could be Ross Geller) also received everything related to the costume. They snagged Leia’s jewelry worn in the scene, along with the history behind the costume, including early sketches and descriptions about it. As a forever Star Wars fan, I think this is money well spent. But not all of us are die-hard Star Wars fans with $96,000 to shell out. So I understand if some of you want to some your money in other ways.

Like, going to college from anywhere from 1 – 4 years (college is expensive, you guys). You could also go to like, Disney World, and then Disneyland, and then Disneyland in Paris, totally splurging on airfare and hotels. Maybe take a cruise. Maybe go see the Grand Canyon, or the Great Lakes, or Wine Country. Or all of them, because you’ve got the money.

Orrrr, you could buy other Star Wars things. Super important Star Wars things, like 640 of the iPhone controlled rolling and beeping BB8 droids, at a roughly $150 price tag a piece. There’s also the true remote controlled version, at $80 a piece, and you could buy 1,200 of them. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, you could by 24 of Pottery Barn Kids’s Millennium Falcon beds, at $3,999 a piece, for you, and then 23 children you know.

You could also buy 9,600 plastic lightsabers, the ones that light up and make sound, because they’re priced about $10 a piece. So you could start your own Jedi fleet if you really wanted to. You could then outfit your fleet with $12 t-shirts, and purchase 8,000 of them. Then when you’re done saving the galaxy, everyone can return home and play with some Star Wars Legos, and depending on the set, you can buy anywhere from 6,400 to 1,920 of them, whatever you feel like.

In short, one awesome Star Wars Bikini, or a whole cart-full of awesome Star Wars toys for you and your friends to play with while waiting for Force Awakens to open in 72 days. Your choice.

(Image via Lucasfilm)


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