A third ‘Princess Diaries’ movie is in the works and we’re flipping out

Everyone just breath. It’s true. A Princess Diaries 3 is seriously, no joke, in the works. (Or at least we hope this isn’t a joke because it would actually be SO mean). The news first came via Hollywood insider site Tracking Boardand according to them, “ is officially moving forward with the third entry in the beloved Princess Diaries franchise.” Don’t toy with us, Tracking Board. 

This would actually be an excellent time for a new installment, as it’s literally been 11 years (yes, 11 years) since we last went to Genovia. Which means it’s been 11 years since we’ve seen Anne Hathaway blow our minds as the awkward and endearing Mia Thermopolis turned Mia Thermopolis, the best princess ever. Oh and Julie Andrews, we’ve missed you too.

Of course we know NOTHING about this new film (plot is under lock and key) but we do have dreams.

Our number one dream is for this new film to stick a little more true to Meg Cabot’s wonderful books, upon which the films are based. With the last book that was released, Mia is 25 and about to get married to Michael (played in the first film by Rooney frontman, Robert Schwartzman). This would of course mean a deviation from the end of the second movie (when Mia ends up with Nicholas) but c’est la vie.

Also, pause for a sec so we bask in the glory of the BEST Princess Diaries GIF.

OK, back to the news.

Truly Meg Cabot’s series is all about friendship and that’s definitely what we’d want to see more of in flick three. I’m voting Mandy Moore returns — in the book, her character actually becomes a genuine friend to Mia. Let’s get some lady friendships up in here!

According to Tracking Board there is no cast set yet, but they do say that Debra Chase, who produced the first two films, is involved.

We need these reboot rumors to be true. We are ready, we are polishing our tiaras, we are covering the fridge with pictures of Fat Louie, and we NEED to know what’s happening with Mia and what’s going on in Genovia. Make our wishes come true, Disney.

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