Another Princess Diana special is heading to the small screen, and this one dives into conspiracy theories

There’s a new, three-hour special heading to the small screen about Princess Diana, and it’s set to explore the conspiracy theories surrounding the royal’s tragic death.

The film, Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason?, premieres July 31st on TLC and will feature an in-depth interview with conspiracy theorist author Richard Belzer, who argues that Diana’s cause of death was not a result of a high-speed paparazzi chase.

Instead, Belzer — who co-authored the book Dead Wrong 2: Diana, Princess of Wales — makes the claim that her death was an assassination, followed by a complex cover-up job.

If you don’t quite subscribe to conspiracy theories but love and miss Diana, there are still plenty of other intriguing aspects to the show, including never-before-seen footage and interviews with biographer Andrew Morton; Diana’s bodyguard, Ken Wharfe; and a few of her close friends.

It looks like Diana tributes are actually going to be filling up the small screen in the near the future.

There’s the upcoming BBC drama Diana & I, which will examine the effect the princess’s death had on everyday people.

“I wanted to explore the lives of four ordinary people and how they internalized their memories of Diana in the aftermath of her death," Jeremy Brock, the film's writer, told The Guardian. "The week following her fatal car crash was a week like no other before. It catapulted many of us into emotional states we rarely visit, leaving us open to new insights and new experiences."

Season 2 of Ryan Murphy’s Feud will also focus on Diana and take a look at her divorce from Prince Charles. As of April, Murphy was still in the process of casting, and — quite unsurprisingly — lots and lots of Hollywood actresses want to play the iconic royal.

“I was shocked at how many people did want it,” Murphy told E! News. “Diana has become sort of a Scarlett O’Hara thing where a lot of people have thrown their hat in the ring. And I’m just talking to a lot of people and lot of actors want to be Charles too. We’re writing now and we’re shooting it in the fall.”

We’re going to need to get the tissues ready for all of these.