Princess Diana really did attend Gianni Versace’s funeral, and “American Crime Story” uses real footage from it

The finale of American Crime Story: The Assissination of Gianni Versace takes us all the way back to the beginning — or better yet, the beginning of this murder.

We’ve now seen Andrew Cunanan’s full life, spanning from the murder of Versace all the way to his early beginnings being his dad’s ~favorite~ child. And now, it’s time to see the end of Versace’s life. He was gunned down outside his home in Miami back in 1997, and his loss was felt around the world. While we’ve certainly seen his sister, Donatella, dealing with the aftermath of his death, the finale of American Crime Story give us a peek at just how beloved the fashion was during his life.

His funereal took place in Milan, Italy in on July 22nd, 1997, and as the episode shows us, it attracted notable names from all over. One of the most prominent figures ACS talks about is Princess Diana, who did actually attend the funeral herself. The episode actually uses archived footage from the funeral, meaning that they didn’t cast anyone to play the beloved People’s Princess. Following Versace’s death, Princess Diana issued a statement, explaining, “I am devastated by the loss of a great and talented man.” 

Photos from the funeral show her standing with other guests, like Sting, Anna Wintour, and Elton John.



Princess Diana actually once posed on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in a Versace gown. This beaded one in the foreground, to be exact:


Sadly, Princess Diana would pass away herself in a car crash roughly a month later in Paris.