Kate Middleton just took the cutest pictures of Princess Charlotte like a normal proud mom

The British Monarchy dropped a major cuteness bomb on social media this morning when they posted two new pictures of Princess Charlotte on Facebook and Twitter. They captioned the pics, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to be able to share two new photographs of Princess Charlotte. They were taken by The Duchess in early November at their home in Norfolk. The Duke and Duchess continue to receive warm messages about Princess Charlotte from all around the world and they hope that everyone enjoys these lovely photos as much as they do.”

First, are we enjoying these pics? ALL OF THE YES. And second, how much are we loving the fact that these aren’t official royal portraits or anything, but just normal pictures taken by Kate Middleton? We’re loving it a lot. A whole lot!

It just sort of proves that she’s like any normal mom. (Except other moms don’t have their iPhone pics posted on Facebook by the British Monarchy. But whatevs. Details and all.) It’s kind of making us wonder what else is lurking on Kate Middleton’s camera roll. Prince George playing with Legos? Princess Charlotte trying on her mom’s lipstick and tiara? YES PLEASE.

The pictures of Princess Charlotte are royally adorable. She’s really rocking that floral dress and strawberry milkshake-hued sweater. And we’re thinking she’s totally inherited her mom’s amazing hair. But the thing we love best about these photos is how happy she seems. Look how much she loves her cute stuffed dog! (With the queen’s love of corgis, we just knew Charlotte would be a dog person.) Awww.

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