Cary Elwes thinks of his “Princess Bride” costars as actual family, and this is what it feels like when your heart melts

Sometimes the best thing about your favorite movie isn’t rewatching it, but rather learning amazing behind-the-scenes tidbits about what went down while filming. It’s great to know that everyone got along and it was a blast to make; it’s tragic to hear that tensions were high and your favorite romantic leads didn’t get along off-camera.

And what makes your heart absolutely melt is learning that not only did the stars of your favorite film hit it off, they still talk to one another years later — and feel like one big happy family. Good news, because that’s the heartwarming behind-the-scenes scoop from The Princess Bride.

If you can believe it, the classic film turns 30 this year, which means you’ve been rewatching and quoting the movie for three decades. This also means that the cast of the film has been in each other’s lives for 30 years, and according to Cary Elwes — who starred as farm boy Westley turned swashbuckling pirate — they’re not just one time acquaintances. They’re family.

"We're connected through this wonderful film forever," Elwes explains to HelloGiggles over the phone. "I think it's one of those things where we bonded so much making the film. It was one of those things where [director Ron Reiner] really...handpicks his cast and his crew and he does it for a reason, because he wants the experience to be a familiar one." "It became, really, like a real family in real life. And so I think that was something that's ingrained in Rob, he really likes to pick people that he want's to hang out with even after wrap. He liked to put us all together for dinner. He liked to do that. So we all bonded over this film in a way that was very unique."

As for how often Elwes keeps in touch with his costars, he explains he had literally just talked to Reiner on the phone — and they were discussing the longevity of Princess Bride, of course.

"I had a conversation with Rob a couple of days ago, and I said to him, 'Who could've imagined that this film is not even slowing down, if anything it's gaining momentum.'" He continues. "We're connected through this thing that will [live on] long after we're dead. I was [once joking] that on my tombstone it'll say 'As you wish.' Billy Crystal said I should put 'mostly dead' on it."

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