Prince’s musical vault is about to be opened, and we can’t wait to hear his unreleased tunes

Prince was, constantly, making new music. Some of it was likely experimental, some of it probably just for him, and some for a wider audience. For the first time since his death, Prince’s musical vault at Paisley Park is about to be opened — and fans worldwide will be able to listen to hidden gems that are brand new to the world.

Paisley Park, located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, was known as Prince’s creative institution. Not only did he record and produce there, but he lived there as well.

"He'd be tracking drums in Studio A, horns in Studio B, and doing writing and preproduction with somebody else in Studio C," an employee named Scott LeGere said to Rolling Stone last year. "He'd just hop."

Just yesterday, Prince’s estate said that Universal Music Group would release both his music after 1995 and the projects in the vault that were never circulated. According to The New York Times, the vault contains live performances and demos.

When Rolling Stone interviewed the Paisley Park staff, they noted that there were “thousands of hours” of material in total.

This isn’t just a big deal for fans — it’s also good since Prince notoriously went independent after a few wars with record labels back in the day.

Universal promises to take proper care of Prince’s work, and we truly believe that Prince’s estate is definitely looking out for Prince’s best interest with this type of deal.

"[We are] committed to honoring Prince's legacy and vision by creating the highest quality products and services," said Lucian Grainge from Universal.

Grainge also noted that Universal thought this was an “absolute honor” — and it definitely is.

When looking back at Prince’s life, it’s obvious that he was a true musician — he lived and breathed music. And he was so incredibly talented, serving as an inspiration to so many people. We’re so glad that these matters are being handled so respectfully, with Prince’s best interest at heart.

And we seriously can’t wait to see how many incredible treasures come out of the vault.