Prince William just released a very important video about bullying

Prince William is using his public platform to call for an end to bullying, and we love him for it.

While bullying has always been a problem, it’s gotten worse than ever with the dawn of the internet and social media. William recently started an anti-bullying task force and made headlines when he spoke out against bullying in a cover interview with the gay lifestyle magazine, Attitude. Now, the prince is continuing his anti-bullying efforts with a new public service announcement. The video was released today because this day marks the debut of Stand Up to Bullying Day in honor of the Diana Award, named for William’s late mother, Princess Diana. Princess Diana was loved all over the world for her compassion and her commitment to helping others, and it’s awesome to see her sons, William and Harry, carrying on her legacy.

In the new video, Prince William calls bullying “stupid and cruel,” and says “bullying is an issue which can affect any one of us, regardless of age, background, gender, sexuality, race, disability or religion.” He also makes a special point to reference cyberbullying, saying, “the reach of technology means it can feel unrelenting, leaving the victim feeling attacked, powerless and isolated.” false

We agree with everything William has to say. We especially love the conclusion of the video when he urges each and every one of us to speak up when we someone engaging in bullying behavior. He says it’s our “collective responsibility to be alert and ready to challenge the behavior we see around us.” And he’s absolutely right.

See Prince William’s message in its entirely below.

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