Stop everything and watch this video of Prince William teasing Kate Middleton about her painting skills

As members of the British royal family, Prince William and Kate Middleton are expected to stick to strict rules while in public. But that doesn’t stop them from having fun every now and then—as proven by a recent video of William teasing Kate over her painting skills.

According to E! News, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit today, October 9th. The summit, held in London, provided a chance for political figures, academics, and policymakers from around the world to gather together and discuss strategies for solving mental health issues. But there were also some opportunities to unwind.

Inside London’s County Hall, William and Kate had the chance to show off their artistic abilities by painting over a work by artist Dairo Vargas. The moment was captured in a video tweeted by Kensington Palace.

As Kate finished adding a contribution to Vargas’s work, she turned to the artist for approval, only for her husband to tease, “That’s pretty much ruined the picture” (prompting a laugh from Kate).

The prince then poked fun at himself as he took the brush from Kate’s hand.

"This is how you properly ruin a picture," he said, before adding his own brush stroke to the painting.

Of course, Kate has been known to tease William on occasion, too. Before the birth of the couple’s third child, the Duchess of Cambridge joked that William was “in denial” about their growing family.

We love seeing Kate and William’s sense of humor on full display. It just goes to show that even royals laugh at themselves every once in a while.

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