We’re LOLing at this GIF of the Queen scolding Prince William

Even princes aren’t immune to the watchful eyes of the Queen. That’s what Prince William taught us after he got a gentle scolding from the Queen last weekend, and it’s making the Internet LOL in the best way.

A 100% perfect GIF has been circulating the Interwebz, courtesy of Twitter user Brandon McGinley. During Trooping the Colour — a traditional ceremony marking the official birthday of the British sovereign — the royal family appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony when this magical gif was captured. William can be seen crouching down to speak to his (adorable) son, Prince George, but the Queen wanted her grandson to stand up straight. And when the Queen tells you to do something, well, you do it — even if you may be set to sit on the throne one day. There’s a reason she’s the longest ruling monarch in England’s history, after all. false

Poor Prince William looked a bit embarrassed and sheepish after that as he quickly rose up on his feet. It’s OK, William — we know we can disobey our grandmas, either. Plus, Prince George is so cute that it’s hard to not be distracted by him, so we *totally* get it. That’s not gonna stop us from laughing forever at this GIF on repeat though, TBH.