Prince William and Kate Middleton Are YouTubers Now, So Bring On the Vlogs

Lights! Camera! Royals!

Along with being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton can now add “YouTubers” to their long list of titles. On Wednesday, the Prince William kicked off their debut with a 25-second video titled “Welcome to our official YouTube channel,” with words of caution to his wife.

By the way, you need to be careful what you say now because these guys are filming everything, he said. Kate laughed and said, I know.

Oh, we are definitely in for some treats with this new channel!

For the next 22 seconds, we get a montage that showcased the couple performing their royal duties like engaging in charity work, interacting with the public, and also having a bit of fun—like Kate shooting a bow and arrow and William flying a helicopter.

To stay on brand, the couple changed their official Instagram and Twitter accounts to match their new channel. Instead of @KensingtonRoyal, it’s now @Dukeandduchessofcambridge.

To close out their first video, Kate teased William by saying, “You don’t need to roll your Rs.”

“Do I not?” William asked.

Like all starting-out YouTubers, they have already posted a second time on the account. On Thursday, they released a six-minute video titled “Shielding Mila – Hold Still.” The video is meant to introduce the first in a series of telephone calls that the duchess conducted with participants from the Hold Still project, put on by the National Portrait Gallery’s photography exhibition.

Unlike the first video, the second doesn’t have any live interactions captured by the duke and duchess, but hopefully, we’ll continue to get more witty interactions from the royal couple—and their kids—in future videos.

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