Prince William and Kate Middleton Shared a Rare Video of Their Kids, and They’re *So* Grown Up

How are George, Charlotte, and Louis this big already?

It might be Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s anniversary week, but clearly, we’re the ones getting the gifts. In a new video shared by the couple on social media April 29th, Will, Kate, and their kids enjoy a bit of fun together..and yes, it’s exactly as idyllic as you’d imagine it’d be.

The family frolics on the beach, runs around in their yard, climbs a grassy hill together, enjoys time chasing each other around—you get the idea. George, Charlotte, and Louis each get their chance to shine, with one particularly adorable clip showing the whole family roasting marshmallows over a fire together.

Royals: They’re just like us!

It’s super sweet to see them all together, especially since most of the time, we only catch the kids if they’re making a public appearance with their parents or if Will and Kate decide to share family photos on Instagram. It’s hard to believe that George is 7, Charlotte is 5, and Louis is 5—it feels like just yesterday the world was speculating if Kate would be giving birth to a future king or queen.

Also in celebration of their 10-year anniversary, the Cambridges shared some truly adorable photos on Instagram. And for the record, Kate has not aged a day since their grand wedding in 2011 that was viewed by millions around the world.

They would legit never consider a royal reality show, but if Will and Kate ever change their minds…well, we’d need a lot more dreamy footage like that video. That’s not too much to ask, right?

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