Prince William and Kate Middleton Shared a Rare Silly Moment Making “Terrible” Music

Kate, don't quit your day job.

During the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s week-long visit to Scotland, Prince William and Kate Middleton stopped by the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit, where Heavy Sound CIC uses music to encourage kids to get back on track with their education. And Kate couldn’t help but try to lay down a track before leaving. Sadly, she left everyone—mainly William—less than impressed.

“Please turn that off. It’s hurting my ears,” William joked about his wife’s try at DJ-ing. Before she left, Kate apologized to those who had to endure her music. “Sorry for leaving such a terrible song.” As she went out the door she begged, “Delete it, delete it, delete it!”

“Can rule out a music career,” the post of the clip on the Duke and Duchess’s official social media is captioned. “Keep up the incredible work Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and please do delete that music…”

William and Kate end their royal tour of Scotland tomorrow, May 27th, but before they head home, they’ll be returning to their alma mater, St. Andrews University, where they first met 20 years ago. There, they’ll talk to current students about how they’ve handled keeping up with their studies during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Though we can’t see Kate Middleton leaving her royal duties to pick up a music career any time soon, we think further exploring a DJ-ing hobby could be amazing content for their YouTube channel—don’t you think?

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