Prince William and Prince Harry open up to Kate Middleton about their mother’s death on a Facebook live video

Get ready for the waterworks. It’s been almost twenty years since the death of Princess Diana. But for some, especially her children, it’s still an open wound that’s yet to heal. Young royals Princes Harry and William talked about losing their mom with William’s wife, Duchess Kate, on a Facebook Live video recently, and it was sad, yet beautiful at the same time. Not only were the brothers being vulnerable in front of the world, they also talked of how the traumatic experience brought them closer than ever.

According to Prince William, the untimely death of Princess Diana helped to form a unique bond between he and Prince Harry. And, that bond forged a safe space for the two to express their emotions to one another freely.

The young royals are working with the Heads Together campaign to take the stigma away from mental illnesses. And by doing so, are encouraging others to get the conversation started about mental health.

The thought of Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton using Facebook, alone, blows our minds. And their live chat was everything.

We’re so impressed with them! Kate is so supportive. And, hearing that Prince William was insistent that Prince Harry not bury his emotions, makes us so happy. He’s a true leader to, and for, his family. And, wait…we’re not crying, you totally are!

Introducing the mental health conversation is the hardest part. And thanks to these young royals, the dirty work has already been done publicly. Now, all we have to do is engage with one another to keep the discussion going. Understanding that we all have our baggage, and that we’re in this fight together, goes a long way.

This whole event just solidified why we’re so obsessed with the royals. They’re continuously using their platforms for greatness, and that’s oh so inspiring.