Prince William just cracked all the adorably corny dad jokes about Princess Charlotte

Prince William may be the future king of England, but when it comes to fatherhood, he’s just as corny and adorable as any new dad. We kind of love him for it, TBH.

Yesterday, William attended the Wales vs. France game in the RBS6 Rugby Championship (where we’re guessing he got his cheer on for Wales). While he was there, he spoke to reporters about the newest addition to the royal household, Princess Charlotte. Sure enough, he sounded like every dad talking about every daughter in the history of the world. “Please tell me it gets easier,” he joked, according to E!

He went on to say that Charlotte was actually a very easy baby. As easy as a baby can be when she’s already got a Marc Jacobs lipstick color named after her, in any case. (For real, Marc Jacobs lipstick in “Charlotte” is a thing that exists, and you can buy it here.)

The prince seems to be bracing himself for the tween girl years (as he should), saying “But all the fathers say to me, ‘Just you wait, when they get to nine or 11 they get crazy,’ I’m looking forward to it. There will be some drama.”

No worries, Prince William. We’re guessing you’re probably prepared for a bit of family drama. (Cue Prince Harry saying, “You’re welcome, bro.”)

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