Prince William admits he struggles with being a parent — if you’re a mom or dad, you can TOTALLY relate

Prince William might be the future king of England, but he’s also a dad. And like most dads we know, he sometimes struggles with being a father. In fact, Prince William opened up about the stresses of parenting. Because real talk: Parenting can be a tough job. Even if you’re royal.

Just this week, Prince William made his first-ever trip to Vietnam to participate in an international conference to protect wildlife from the illegal hunting trade. In between discussing how we can protect endangered species and bottle-feeding a baby elephant (our hearts!), William sat down with the popular talk show Talk Vietnam and chatted about his love for animals (dreamy sigh) and raising a family with his amazing wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

He talked about how much he adored his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and praised Duchess Kate as “an amazing mother and fantastic wife.” TBH we suspected that might the case, especially after seeing so many sweet photos of family together.

Then he got super real and admitted that parenting was a challenging job. He said,I’ve struggled at times, the alteration from being a single, independent man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing…I’ve learned a lot about myself and about a family, just from having my own children and it’s amazing how much you pick up from just in those moments.”

We love how open and candid William is, and we’re guessing pretty much every parent in the world can relate. The entire interview is a reminder that the royals are indeed human and the joys and struggles of parenthood are universal.

You can watch the interview in its entirely below, but be prepared for some major Prince William nostalgia pics of him as an adorable toddler all the way to adulthood. (We’re so down for this.)

Give Prince George and Princess Charlotte a hug for us, Prince William!

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