FYI: Prince is officially on Instagram

After years of jumping on and off of social media, Prince has finally made Instagram his Internet mainstay. At least for now.

Say hello to PRINCESTAGRAM, Prince’s newly verified account that captures the pop icon in all his purple and velvety glory.

In just three days, Prince has shared a whopping 88 posts which include (but are not limited to) classic concert footage, iconic album covers, and a handful of hilarious Prince-related memes. For someone who once declared the Internet as “completely over,” his Instagram prowess is pretty impressive.

For starters, check out this meme-worthy caption:

Prince-related meme “FTW”: 

And, as expected, there are many, many iterations of the color purple:

Prince’s Instagram debut comes about a month after releasing his 38th album, HITnRUN, on Tidal back in September.

Be sure to scroll through PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) before he changes his mind about the glory of social media.

(Image via Instagram)

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