Prince Harry rescued a woman when her wheelchair fell over and the whole world swooned

Prince Harry was in Bath, England, recently to attend the Invictus Games trials. While he was there, a gust of wind toppled a competitor and her wheelchair, and Harry came to her rescue. You know, as princes are wont to do. (See every fairy tale ever written.)

The Invictus Games is an international competition for paralympic athletes who have served their country in the armed forces. Prince Harry was instrumental in bringing the Invictus Games to the UK in 2014, so of course he was on hand to support those competing in Bath.

Anna Pollock, a Royal Air Force Medic who competed in the Enduroman Arch to Arc challenge last year (only the hardest triathlon in the world…NBD), had just posed for a photo with Harry when the wind blew her chair right over onto the wet track.

She told the Gazette, “I wanted a picture and I thought, if I don’t do it now I never will, so I went to get a picture (with Harry). Afterwards I was putting my gloves on when the wind took me over.” Prince Harry was quick to come to her aid and helped right her chair. Pollock says, “Harry said to me ‘what did you do that for?’ and I said ‘are you sure you had nothing to do with it?” Maybe we’ve watched too many rom coms, but that sounds like a pretty adorable meet cute. Just saying.

Best of luck to Anna! And props to Harry for being a true Prince Charming. Swooning forever.

(Image via Twitter.)