Prince Harry went way out of his way to visit Meghan Markle and awww forever

It’s not easy dating in the public eye. It’s even more difficult to date when you both keep extremely busy schedules and live far apart. But if you’re Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you make it work.

The clearly-smitten Prince Harry traveled over 1,700 miles to visit girlfriend Meghan Markle and we are seriously impressed.

According to Us Weekly, Harry made the major detour just to spend some time with Meghan in her Toronto home before heading back to the UK. And we have no doubt she was happy to spend time with her royal BF.

Harry was on his way back from a trip to Barbados. While there, he spent his time doing some pretty wonderful things, including learning more about turtles and environmental conservation.

He also hung out with Rihanna to raise awareness for AIDS because he’s not just a good boyfriend, but an all-around great guy.

After doing all that philanthropic work, it was time to hang out with his equally philanthropic girlfriend.

Though he was originally scheduled to go straight back to the UK, he made it clear where his priorities were and took some time just to hang out with Meghan in Canada.

We are so inspired by these two who are so clearly committed to making their relationship work, no matter what obstacles they may face.

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