Prince Harry shared what Princess Diana would have thought of Meghan Markle

When you lose a parent at a young age, there’s a few life milestones that will always be difficult — for one, there’s a chance that they’ll never get to meet your future spouse. Prince Harry knows how Princess Diana would feel about Meghan Markle, and we’re sure that he’s right on the money. After all, he knows his mother better than most.

Prince Harry and Markle announced their engagement yesterday, and fans of the royal family couldn’t be happier. The two reportedly met thanks to mutual friends back in July of 2016, and started dating soon after. Markle is known best as an actress, and her most prominent role in recent years has been Rachel Zane in the television show Suits.

Princess Diana passed away in 1997 due to a car crash. Prince Harry, who’s currently 33 years old, was only 12 at the time. While the loss was devastating, so much of Princess Diana’s altruism and charming spirit are still alive in both Prince Harry and Prince William. Especially since William admitted that he still felt the shock of her death, two decades later.

"I still have shock within me," Prince William admitted in a BBC documentary. "You know, 20 years later. People go 'shock can't last that long' but it does. You never get over it. It's such an unbelievably big moment in your life that it never leaves you, you just learn to deal with it."

Surely the two of them had their mother in mind when choosing their spouses.

In Prince Harry’s eyes, his iconic mother would have approved of Markle.

"They would be thick as friends" he said during an interview with BBC News. "Without question, she would just be over the moon!"

While they won’t be able to meet in person, we have a feeling that Markle will be hearing so many lovely stories of her late future mother-in-law. Without a doubt, guests will feel her presence during their spring 2018 wedding.

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