Watch Prince Harry make himself laugh in this goofy promotional video

It’s no news that the Royal Family is supportive of mental health organizations. For instance, in their work with Heads Together, they’re trying to end the stigma around mental health. And the Duchess of Cambridge was just in the Netherlands this past week and had roundtable discussions with various charities, one of them being the Anna Freud Centre, which promotes children’s mental health.

Now, in a new promo video for Heads Together, Prince Harry made himself laugh, and we love how real that makes him — he’s just like one of us (but with Royal Family powers, of course).

In the video, Prince Harry tells others how they can help — by competing in the 2017 London Marathon on behalf of Heads Together, reported ET Canada.

A bit later, he starts to laugh, but you’ll have to watch the video for yourself to see why.