Prince Harry petting this Golden Retriever is the only thing you need to see today

When you’re a royal, having to meet your adoring human fans can likely get exhausting. So it makes sense that Prince Harry savored a moment with a canine well-wisher while on a royal trip this week. And brace yourselves, because the photos are unbelievably cute.

On Wednesday, October 3rd, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Sussex, England for the first time since the Queen named them Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Their first stop was a historic building called Edes House in Chichester, a city in West Sussex, according to Metro. While greeting well-wishers outside of Edes House, Prince Harry got distracted by an adorable Golden Retriever waiting at the gates along with a bunch of humans—and who can blame him?

Smiling from ear to ear, Prince Harry knelt down and lovingly pet the dog’s face (the dog looked pretty blissed out, too). Plenty of other photos of Meghan and Harry meeting supporters at Edes House have surfaced, but none in which Harry looks quite as euphoric as he does petting the pup.


And now for the close-up:


Meghan and Prince Harry are both notorious dog lovers. The couple reportedly adopted a Labrador together in August,and Meghan rescued two dogs, Guy and Bogart, during her pre-royal days. Unfortunately, she had to leave Bogart back in Toronto with friends when she moved to England, W magazine reported.

And as if Harry’s interaction with the Golden Retriever weren’t cute enough, a few photos of Harry and Meghan excitedly greeting babies outside Edes House surfaced as well.



Cuteness: Overload. You’re welcome.

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