Um, Prince Harry just spray painted an elephant (but it’s okay!)

There is immense pressure on famous people to remain wholesome and conflict-free in the public eye. And no celebrity knows this to be true quite like the royal family. Prince Harry was caught spray painting an elephant recently — but before you sharpen your pitchforks and start composing those emails to PETA, know that it was for a good cause!

For three weeks this summer, Prince Harry was on the ground and in the air in Malawi, working with a conservation NGO called African Parks. They manage protected areas and national parks on behalf of governments. England’s favorite Prince was working on an initiative called 500 Elephants — a relocation of 500 elephants to the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

All 500 elephants had to be herded 350 kilometers across Malawi to their new home. Prince Harry shared a short film explaining his involvement in the project, as well as a series of Instagram posts with detailed captions.

Some of the elephants were very cooperative with the operation, moving along as asked. Others were not as accommodating.

Prince Harry pointed out in one of this posts that it was usually the male elephants who refused to budge. They needed to be encouraged and sometimes tranquilized in order to get where they needed to be.

Besides spray painting elephants, Prince Harry also helped with monitoring their breathing by fixing various radio collars until each creature was in the appropriate location. He also helped anesthetize the elephants — meaning administering a tranquilizer.

Long gone are the days that Prince Harry partied in Vegas — instead, he has been splashing across the front pages because of his charity work. Each new endeavor he undertakes makes Prince Harry that much more eligible to steal our hearts. He is still not married, so there might be hope for those ladies out there looking for a royal husband!