Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Will Be “Visibly Shunned” at Coronation, Source Says

"It's really tragic that both sides have allowed things to go so far south," said a royal expert.

With just four weeks left to go, preparations are currently underway at Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey for King Charles’s Coronation Weekend.

Over the last 15 hours, the public has been inundated with emerging details about Charles’s upcoming ceremony. Queen Consort Camilla will officially be crowned Queen, dropping “Consort” from her title, and Prince George will be one of his grandfather’s pages.

It’s also been reported that an invitation made its way to the White House, however President Joe Biden RSVP’d “no” earlier this week. Instead, First Lady Jill Biden will be representing the U.S. in his place.

The First Lady isn’t the only notable figure from the U.S. who may be making the miles-long trek to London in May. Charles is still waiting — with bated breath— to hear back from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Last month, reps for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed the couple had received an email invitation to Charles’s coronation. They have yet to accept, according to a source, who claims Harry and Meghan are reportedly in “negotiations” with the Palace over their roles and obligations during Coronation Weekend.

Even if the Palace does grant the Sussexes’ wishes, royal novelist Christopher Andersen tells Fox News Digital it’s a “lose-lose” situation.

“It’s really lose-lose for the Sussexes unless the rest of the family suddenly decides to do an about-face and embrace them,” the author told the outlet. “I don’t see that happening. There is too much bitterness there. Too many bridges have been burned.”

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Anderson explained that if Harry and Meghan do show face, they likely won’t get a warm welcome from the royal family or their constituents. Albeit, if they stay back in L.A., Harry will essentially be giving “his birthright” the middle finger.

“So, if Harry and Meghan attend the coronation, they will almost certainly be sidelined and visibly shunned,” Anderson reasoned. “If they don’t go, it will look as if Harry is turning his back on his birthright, the royal family, and the institution of the monarchy itself.”

At the end of the day, Anderson says, “It’s really tragic that both sides have allowed things to go so far south.”

It’s unknown when Harry and Meghan have to give the Palace a definitive answer. Meanwhile, the couple is also gearing up for their son’s fourth birthday, which falls on the same day as Charles’s crowning ceremony.

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