Prince Harry kissed Meghan Markle in public and hung out with her mom, so we’re waiting for that engagement news

We all love the royal family and want the best for them. So now that Prince Harry is out there meeting Meghan Markle’s mom, we want to know when they’re going to get engaged. Honestly, almost anything to do with Prince Harry makes us happy. Even his bromance with Obama and Joe Biden has us giggling. And we know that an engagement between Harry and Meghan would change the monarchy.

But when will we get one? That’s the latest question we’ve been asking. It seems like more and more Harry and Meghan are together and doing everything a couple on the way to an engagement would do. Especially meeting the mom.

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but it’d be fun if it happened!

Here’s what went down. Harry and Meghan were at the final night of the Invictus Games. (ICYMI, the Invictus Games are an international athletic competition for injured, ill, or disabled veterans that Harry launched back in 2013.) Harry joined Meghan and her mother as they watched performers sing. The Suits star looked absolutely gorgeous, and she and Harry even shared a lovely little public kiss for us to all fawn over.

Here’s Harry and Meghan with Meghan’s mom and some friends.


And here’s the kiss!


So does this mean that our dreams of another Royal Wedding will be happening soon? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. After all, Prince Harry did just hang out with Meghan’s mother at the Invictus Games. We don’t know if it was the first time they met, but either way, it seems as if we’re one step closer to the wedding we all long for.

Even if there is no wedding in sight, Harry and Meghan are still a cute couple. They seemed absolutely in love at the Invictus Games, and we can’t get enough of them! He’s meeting the mom, they’re kissing in public, they’re going on vacation together, what’s next? (An engagement, please!) Either way, we love Prince Harry and we love Meghan Markle and we’re very happy for them.

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