Royal Experts Reportedly Say Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Aren’t Welcomed at King Charles’ Coronation

The warning comes on the heels of volume two of Netflix's 'Harry & Meghan' docuseries.

Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all Netflix docuseries, it appears those across the pond won’t be welcoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back with open arms anytime soon. Royal experts are now going to exhaustive lengths to keep the couple at arm’s length ahead of King Charles’ coronation, arguing that their presence may be welcomed with boos by the public.

“They categorically shouldn’t come,” Tory veteran David Mellor told the Daily Mail. “They make money out of selling their family down the river. I think it should be made clear that the British people do not want them there.”

“They are a sad pair and there is no hope for them on their current course,” Mellor continued. He went on to say Britons “would be perfectly entitled” to have a negative reaction should Harry and Meghan decide to show face.

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith said it’s as simple as “if they dislike the Royal Family so much” then they shouldn’t attend. Point blank.

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Historian and author Lady Antonia Fraser raised concerns regarding the impact Harry and Meghan’s presence will have on King Charles’ coronation and its significance. The crowning ceremony is set to take place on May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey. If the Duke and Duchess do attend, Fraser is worried it’ll turn into the Harry and Meghan show.

“I hope they don’t come because I want the King and Queen to be the centre of attention,” Fraser admitted. “It worries me that if they come the cameras might waste time on them. They should stay holding hands in Hollywood.”

Fraser’s concern harps back to similar frustrations expressed by the couple in Harry & Meghan in which Meghan’s body language and attire is negatively twisted into a story by tabloids.

The media’s teardown of Meghan was just one of many revelations to come from volume two of the Netflix docuseries.

Harry, specifically, did not hold back, accusing the institution – including himself — of having unconscious bias. He also opens up about donning a Nazi uniform to a costume party in 2005.

The Duke and Duchess relay the details of their Canada move in full detail, stressing it was a transatlantic move years in the making. (Prior to Canada, they also tried relocating to New Zealand and South Africa.) It was also revealed that Harry’s personal email correspondence with his father regarding their relocation was leaked to the tabloids.

Harry firmly believes it was sent to the presses by someone on King Charles’ communication team. He also explains how the British tabloid rota works. Essentially, it isn’t uncommon for a senior royal member’s comm team to trade stories about other working royals. For example, Prince William’s team may leak information about Meghan in exchange to drop a story about Kate Middleton.

Netflix wasn’t lying when it said Harry & Meghan is the Duke and Duchess’ story in their own words. The explosive docuseries is available to stream now in full.

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