Prince Harry had the perfect response to a little girl’s marriage proposal

It turns out we aren’t the only ones who want to marry Prince Harry. (Shocker.)

Can you blame us? I mean, consider the facts.

He’s got a great sense of humor.


He’s got some sweet dance moves.


He’s an awesome uncle.


He rocks a uniform like nobody’s business.


His grandmother is the Queen of England.


Oh, and THE BEARD.


I think I’ve made my point.

We love Harry, so it comes as no surprise to learn that even little girls find him charming. Charming enough to propose marriage, apparently. Prince Harry was in Alexandra Park in Stockport, England, yesterday at a rugby workshop when a six-year-old named Lottie asked him to marry her. According to People, she said, “I want to marry you. I want to be a princess.”

First off, way to go Lottie. We love a girl who goes after what she wants. (Never change, Lottie. Please.) And second of all, ADORABLE. Even more adorable was Harry’s response. He turned her down in the sweetest way possible. “You don’t want that – there’s too big an age gap,” he said (making us love him even more). “You’ve been reading a lot of books.”

Awww. We love that he reasoned with her instead of just dismissing her proposal, which we’re sure was completely serious and well thought out. Something tells us he might deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis. Just saying.

Props to Harry for being such a prince. Literally.

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