Prince Harry met Harry Styles and the pictures give us life

This is a case of when Harry met Harry. The two Harrys in question are the two most important actual human Harrys — because the third most important Harry is Harry Potter, and he’s sadly fictional. So what happens when Prince Harry meets up with Harry Styles for a brief moment in time? If you answered, “they talk about hair,” you would be correct.

This past Friday the two finally crossed paths at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, for the Royal Variety Performance, which was held to sponsor the Royal Variety Charity. It was a Harry meet-up years in the making. Prince Harry, who was attending the event on behalf of the British Royal Family, came across Styles and the two had a Harry chat.

Yes, the rest of the members of One Direction were there, too, but it was Styles’ moment to shine. Prince Harry met each of them in a line, and according to Us Weekly, they engaged in some quick back and forth jokes about, yep, hair.

“When was the last time you had a haircut?” Prince Harry reportedly asked Styles. To which Styles responded, “I’m not planning on it right now.” Oh, you guys.

According to People, Styles later told them that he was going to cut his hair for charity (amazing) and was not planning on growing any facial hair like the Prince’s any time soon. They’ll have to find other ways to Twin-Harry, I guess.

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