Prince Harry had the *best* response to reporters trying to get the scoop on his relationship

It’s exciting that there’s a new royal relationship brewing, but some people need to chill out. Prince Harry called out a reporter this week for asking him a question about his girlfriend Meghan Markle while he was making the rounds promoting his mental health campaign. The audacity of the media, huh? The reporter asked, “You seem in a really good place at the moment, you seem very focused on what you want to do, but you also seem to be very happy. Is that partly to do with having a lady in your life?” Harry was having nothing to do with it. He said:

"I think, I think the point that we've learnt over this campaign is that if you talk, if you're able and comfortable enough to be able to talk about certain issues, certain experiences, then you come out of it a far better person."

BOOM! Basically he said, none of your beeswax, please pay attention to my issues. The reporter tried again. “You’re in a good place though?” they asked.

“Yeah, of course, I’m in a good place, we’re all in a good place, and we want the UK to be in a good place as well.”

Of course, we’d all love to hear more about what Harry and Meghan are up to, but trying to get the gossip about his love life while he’s trying to promote mental heath awareness and cut through stigma is kind of, well, rude. Also, Harry just admitted to feeling very depressed ever since his mother’s death and recently enlisting a therapist to help him. A new relationship always puts a smile on a face, but equating a new fling with the kind of the help a professional can give someone who’s hurting emotionally is pretty bad. Depressed people don’t need to just “get out more” or find someone to fall in love with. They need professional help. So good on Harry for sticking to the point and maintaining his privacy all at the same time.

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