Prince Harry just got so, so honest about his biggest dating insecurity

Britain’s Prince Harry is in the United States this week for the Invictus Games, and while he’s been promoting the athletic event for wounded and recovering military personnel, he’s been giving all sorts of interviews in which he talks about his commitment to helping veterans, carrying on his mom Princess Diana’s legacy and his plans for the future, including kids and yes…dating.

We’ll admit to being pretty curious about his relationship status. I mean, we’re only human, and Prince Harry is all kinds of dreamy. In a new interview with Britain’s Sunday Times, Harry says very focused on work right now (you can learn all about his amazing project, the Invictus Games, here) and doesn’t have a S.O. in his life at the moment. But before you run over to Tinder hoping to find his profile (really don’t…he’s not on there, but my gosh how awesome would that be?), he’s got some hesitations about getting into a relationship.

Actually, he refers to his doubts as “massive paranoia,” and we can see where he’s coming from. Harry is concerned about the public scrutiny and violations of privacy his future girlfriend will face once they become serious. Again, we totally get it. We all remember how crazy the paparazzi got following Kate Middleton around when she was dating Prince William. (They’re STILL following her, and not always being very polite.) And of course, Harry’s mom, Princess Diana, was forced to deal with massive invasion into her privacy by the press right up until the accident that took her life.

Harry seems very aware of this problem and is already committed to protecting his future girlfriend. He says, “If or when I do find a girlfriend, I will do my utmost … to ensure that me and her can get to the point where we’re actually comfortable with each other before the massive invasion that is inevitably going to happen into her privacy.” While we hate that this is such a problem for the royal family, we love that Harry is so aware and already thinking about how to deal with it. (So chivalrous. What a prince!)

Harry also said, “The other concern is that even if I talk to a girl, that person is then suddenly my wife, and people go knocking on her door…There is very little private life. I’m not putting work before the idea of a family, marriage and all that kind of stuff. To be fair, I haven’t had that many opportunities to get out there and meet people. At the moment, my focus is very much on work. But if someone slips into my life then that’s absolutely fantastic.”

We love Prince Harry’s candor. And we kind of feel for the guy. Dating and relationships are challenging enough without the entire world watching your every move. No worries though, Harry. We have a feeling that a special someone will slip into your life eventually. She’ll be a lucky girl, indeed.

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