Here’s your heartwarming Christmas card from Prince Harry

Last week we were treated to a Christmas card from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and just when we thought our royal-loving hearts had recovered from the sight of Prince George’s giddy smile and Princess Charlotte’s adorably missing shoe, Prince Harry’s Christmas card hit the Internet. And it’s a good one, guys.

Kensington Palace tweeted Harry’s Christmas greeting this morning with a tweet that said, “Merry Christmas from Prince Harry! Here’s his Christmas card photo showing one of his favourite moments from 2015.” The accompanying picture is a black-and-white photo of the prince in a flight suit clasping hands with an elderly man sitting in a spitfire airplane. It’s a pretty swoon-worthy image on its own, but the story behind it will melt your heart.

Prince Harry turned 31 back on September 15, and he chose to spend his birthday with WWII veterans taking part in a special ceremony to honor the Battle of Britain’s 75th anniversary. The day included a fly-by by four two-seater vintage Spitfire airplanes. Harry was supposed to have a seat in one of those planes, but he gave up his spot at the last-minute in favor of 95-year-old Tom Neil, who happens to be the last surviving Royal Air Force pilot from the Battle of Britain. Because in addition to being a prince and everything, Harry’s a true gentleman and an overall good guy.

We love that this was one of Harry’s favorite moments from 2015 almost as much as we love getting a Christmas card from a member of the royal family. Now we’re just over here waiting for our card from the queen’s corgis. (Seriously, that would rock. Please get on that, Buckingham Palace.)

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