Whoa! Prince Harry Attending the Coronation WITHOUT Meghan Markle

After months of negotiation, Meghan Markle won’t attend King Charles III’s coronation.

It’s official! After months of speculation, Buckingham Palace announced on Wednesday that Prince Harry will attend his father’s coronation. Except, his wife, Meghan Markle, won’t be in attendance.

According to the Associated Press, Markle will remain in California with their two children for the May 6 Westminster Abbey event. Sources tell the BBC that the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex did receive an invite, but Markle opted to stay home on their son Archie’s fourth birthday.

Previous reports stated that the couple’s children were not welcome at the event, and that Harry and Meghan were negotiating what their roles would be.

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The coronation will mark the first time Harry will be with the rest of his family since the release of his bestselling memoir Spare and the couple’s Netflix docuseries, which included revealing details that reportedly irked members of the royal family. The couple’s frequent interviews with the media has also reportedly caused a “widening gulf” between them and the rest of the royal family.

Harry will join some 2,000 others as his father Charles III is officially crowned the King of England. It’s expected that his brother Prince William will play a prominent part in the coronation; it’s unclear what Harry’s role will be, if any.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t been working members of the royal family since their move to California in 2020. This comes on the heels of a new book claiming that there were high-level discussions about stripping Prince Harry of his Duke of Sussex title.

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