Prince Harry and Prince William Aren’t Talking, Says Palace Insider

The brothers are not on speaking terms leading up to King Charles’ coronation.

Royal drama continues to unfold between Prince Harry and his family as the coronation of King Charles approaches on May 6. The younger Windsor is not shy when it comes to talking, but there’s one person who refuses to hear what the fifth-in-line-to-the-thrown royal has to say — his own brother, Prince William.

“Things are strained,” a palace source recently revealed to People, emphasizing that the feud between the siblings sees no signs of easing up anytime soon.

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The source also relayed that there has been zero communication between the brothers, an issue which has grown larger over the past year. Peace attempts have been tried and tested in the last few months, with most coverage stating Harry wants to initiate a family discussion. However, at this time, there’s not room for both a major historic event and a relationship intervention.

“I don’t think the coronation and a big conversation can be conflated,” the source added.

Tensions between the pair became more strained after Harry went public with some pretty scathing details in his Netflix series, Harry & Meghan, and his recently released memoir, Spare. Prince William’s temper and inability to compromise have been central themes, which may have pushed the senior prince over the edge.

However, Prince William’s silence may be an attempt to keep further conflict from arising and not detract from the coronation. He seems to be standing his ground and refuses to make up with his brother, despite his own father’s wish for a pre-coronation reconciliation. The palace insider explained that Prince Harry’s participation in the historic event will likely not mitigate whatever rift has already begun.

News of the Duke of Sussex attending his father’s crowning ceremony surfaced less than a month away from the big day. Whether or not he’d show up based on the media drama had been hotly debated prior to the announcement. While not much is known about how he will be involved directly, it is likely that his wife Meghan Markle will not be present.

While Prince Harry has agreed to be part of his father’s big day, he’s not exactly been honoring his son duties very well. During a surprise visit to London last month, he did not call upon King Charles or Prince William.

There’s likely still hard feelings felt based on the King’s decisions to evict his younger son from Frogmore Cottage, cut off his access to the Crown’s security and financials, and limit his participation in subsequent royal family events. Harry could also risk losing his Duke of Sussex title completely.

It remains to be seen whether Prince Harry’s presence will make or break the historic ceremony. “The coronation is a time to celebrate,” stated another source to Us Weekly. “No one wants this dark cloud hanging over the festivities on such a significant occasion.”

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