The internet thinks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to announce their engagement

Internet sleuths are well-trained in the art of stalking famous couples. This week, they’ve set their sights on the royal family. The online rumor mill is convinced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting engaged really soon. As in, today! To paraphrase Mariah Carey — all we want for Christmas is another royal wedding.

According to The Daily Mail, U.K.-based betting organizations “suspended taking bets on when the highly anticipated royal wedding will take place, after the BBC was rumoured to make an announcement.”

Fans of the royals are now holding their breath. A representative from betting company Ladbrokes told People:

"The rumour mill is going into overdrive and it looks like the worst kept secret is to be confirmed imminently. It’s long been a case of when and not if Harry and Meghan announce they are engaged, and all bets are off for a 2018 wedding. Another source told the publication, “We believe the happy couple are already engaged and possibly have been for some time.

Reportedly, Markle is prepping a big move to London (dogs in tow), according to Daily Mail. The couple also shared some adorable moments in public last month, which kicked the flurry of engagement rumors into overdrive.

Naturally, Twitter took to the whispers like a moth to a flame.

We’re about as patient as Judge Judy waiting for a defendant to get to the point. false

The speculation might not be entirely unfounded.

Give the people what they want!

On the other hand, according to Harper’s Bazaar, “An unnamed royal source has told The Daily Beast that the couple are planning to hold off on their news until April, because they don’t want to overshadow Kate Middleton’s incoming royal baby number 3.”

There are strong arguments on both sides. People do consider the holiday season an ideal time to get engaged. Then again, the only thing we love more than a royal wedding is a royal baby.

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