Prince George wore pajamas and a robe when he met President Obama and we just can’t deal

We’re pretty much all in agreement over the fact that kids clothes can be super adorable. Like, you can’t view a baby shoe without smiling, it’s almost impossible. The cuteness levels are just off the charts when it’s Prince George who’s wearing these tiny items. This royal sweetheart decided to wear an embroidered robe this Friday while meeting President Obama in person. As one does. The entire meet-up is pretty much a dream come true for all of us — shaking hands with such an influential figure while wearing our comfiest ensemble.

Here he is talking with the Duchess of Cambridge, while playing on a rocking horse. Here’s a fun fact — the President and First Lady, Michelle Obama, actually purchased that horse as a gift for him when he was born, back in 2013.


And, here’s the picture that’s making all of us melt.


Prince George definitely has manners, that’s for sure. Turning three this July, he was able to stay up just a little bit later than little sister, Charlotte, who had already head to bed. Our President and First Lady were visiting the Kensington Palace for a dinner with Princess Kate and Prince Harry, who have become quite close with the pair. The Kensington Palace tweeted a picture of the Obama’s arrival, which shows everyone looking glorious and divine despite the rain.

The account was also quick to post the adorable pictures of Prince George, which currently has well over 9.3K likes. Who knows? Maybe Prince George will end up being a fashion icon, which we’d be totally fine with — robes and pajama bottoms are magical.

So, two questions arise after checking out these photos: First, how can we score an invitation to such an incredible event? And second, can we babysit for Prince George sometime in the near future? Please?