Currently jealous of Prince George’s next-level treehouse

Last week, on Prince George’s second birthday (they grow up so fast!), Kensington Palace made all our hearts melt when they released a b-day pic of our fave princely toddler in the arms of his dad, grinning from ear-to-ear. It turns out Prince George has a lot to smile about (I mean, other than being heir to the British throne and all). The Daily Mail recently revealed that George’s granddad, Prince Charles, has basically turned his backyard at Highgrove into Prince George’s own private paradise. All the heart-face emojis!

In case you’re wondering what a royal backyard looks like, it goes a little something like this:

I know. Completely gorgeous, right? But wait, there’s more. The best part of George’s royal playground is a treehouse that would make Rapunzel (and all the rest us) green with envy.

That is one beautiful treehouse! And it’s got a rather impressive history (because of course it does). Charles originally built the treehouse for George’s doting dad, Prince William, back in 1989. It was designed by architect William Bertram, who said Prince William asked him to make the treehouse “as high as possible so I can get away from everyone.” (Sniffle.) I just got a royal-sized lump in my throat, you guys.

Charles has also added a special “artisan’s shepherd’s hut” for George, which has a tiny, George-sized bed, a wood burning stove for those cold English nights and French oak wooden doors. Oh, and also a wildflower meadow.  I mean, who needs a castle when you’ve got grandpa’s backyard? Rumor has it Charles has also given his grandson a special tea set which the two of them use for picnics in the gardens. Because what would a royal picnic be without tea, right? The tea set is said to have plastic cups, and TBH the idea of Prince Charles and his grandson having a tea party with the kind of accessories we played with as kids makes our hearts melt. Just a little. Or maybe even a lot.

Even though Highgrove House is Charles and Camilla’s private residence, the garden is available for both group and private tours. There’s even something called a “Champagne Tea Tour,” which sounds pretty amazing on every possible level. According to the Daily Mail, Prince Charles himself can “regularly be found with his hands in the earth, weeding, pruning and planting.”

We can’t help but wonder if visitors ever catch a glimpse of George hanging out in his fairy tale treehouse…BRB checking on flights to England.

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