Prince George and Princess Charlotte look royally adorable in their Christmas coats today

Adding to our list of Christmas blessings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended their first ever Christmas church service in Kate Middleton’s home town and it’s SO sweet we might die. Not only are we worried about the actual cavities we acquired just thinking about the Duchess of Cambridge returning with her royal family to celebrate the holidays, but we’re doubly #blessed because the pint-sized Prince and Princess were wearing some seriously legit peacoats and they look both uber stylish and uber adorable. We’re not sure if we want their fashion sense or to squeeze their cheeks more, tbh.

Let’s go from oldest to youngest, aka let’s talk at length about how Prince George is the cutest thing we’ve literally ever seen.

And we mean ‘literally’ literally, not just as a generic intensifier.


That perfect wool coat, those high socks, his sweet little face and THAT CANDY CANE. Prince George is the personification of Christmas morning in this pic, and we just want to squeeze him.


Princess Charlotte looks equally adorable and cherubic. Like, LOOK at her little mary janes. And the bow in her hair. We’re seriously freaking out, we can’t take this overload of adorable this early in the morning.


Look at her focusing so hard to make that step without falling. Omg. We seriously can’t.


The whole family was so freakin’ stylish and precious. Plus, Kate Middleton looked like a million bucks as ever, and she matched her clutch to her daughter. TOO MUCH.

We’re hoping you all have a happy holiday, and that your family achieves even half of the sartorial perfection of this one this Christmas.