Prince George is making pancakes today, because even a prince should know how to crush breakfast

When we think of the British royal family, it’s easy to assume that their lives are fancy all the time — but it kinda seems like they’re actually pretty grounded. We just heard through People that three-year-old Prince George is making pancakes at his nursery school for Pancake Day (which is the day before the start of Lent in the U.K.) and it made us melt! It’s great for so many reasons; he’s learning to cook at an early age, and getting to just be, well, regular.

His mom, Kate Middleton (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) shared the info while she was visiting families who have sick children at the Ronald McDonald House in London. Upon being asked where George was by a little boy, she said,

“George? I should have brought him. He’s at his Montessori nursery today making pancakes.

via giphyTo which the adorable little boy replied, “There’s a thunderstorm coming!” Because, well, KIDS.

During the visit, Kate also spoke to Rebecca Bridges-Wheeler, whose newborn son is in intensive care at the hospital after being born at 23 weeks, and Bridges-Wheeler shared a touching moment.

"I got a bit emotional talking to Kate. It sometimes just rises up, she said. “She stopped talking and let me compose myself. You could see the sympathy in her eyes. She seemed very kind-hearted and easy to talk to."

We can’t wait to witness Prince George grow up, because if he’s anything like his mother, he’s going to be a pretty upstanding gent (who can also make breakfast).

Happy Pancake Day! Time to go and eat a stack.

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