Sounds like little Prince George might have a career as a chef ahead!

Prince George is only 3-years-old but he might have a career as a chef if he keeps stirring things up in the royal kitchen. Princess Kate opened up about her son’s messy cooking adventures while visiting teens at the Youthscape project in London.

We smell a Prince George cookbook coming.

The royal mom accidentally spilled the beans about Prince George’s baking skills as she and Prince William toured the organization’s kitchen on Wednesday.

“So, what are you making? This smells seriously good, ” Kate asked several teens baking chocolate chips cookies during her visit, People Magazine reports. “What are you putting in? Is this just chocolate? Golden syrup? Good, good.”

Can you imagine the amount of pressure these teens had trying to bake something delicious for the royal mom? We’re pretty sure we’d be sweating up a nervous storm trying to complete any simple task in front of Princess Kate because she is #Lifegoals.

“When I try to do this with George at home, chocolate and the golden syrup goes everywhere. He makes so much mess. It’s chaos,” she explained.

Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect! The toddler isn’t just learning how to bake, either. Prince George apparently lends him mom a tiny hand in the kitchen and he has a great love for pasta.

During the royal couple’s outing, Princess Kate reportedly chatted with several parents while visiting a hospice center for children and adults. According to People, Princess Kate spoke to a local mom, Suzanne Dow, about Prince George’s favorite dish.

Dow later told reporters, “She said, ‘George likes his spaghetti as well, he’d love to get messy.”

It looks like Prince George might have to jump on the celebrity trend and write his own cookbook. We’d buy it!