Prince and Paris Jackson wore Halloween onesies in a rare red carpet appearance together

These two proved they’ve got a ton of sibling love for each other. Prince and Paris Jackson wore Halloween onesies to a special event hosted by Prince and his charity, which is set to combat issues like homelessness and hunger in California. It’s a bit rare for them to step out together these days, but the fact that the event took place at their family home in Encino probably made it a bit easier.

The event in question was Heal LA and TLK Fusion Present the 2nd Annual Costume for a Cause, which means that their Halloween onesies were more than appropriate.

Paris decided to wear a plush dragon costume, while Prince’s ensemble included a black and white bodysuit with some graphics.

Paris made sure to share a short video of the two on Instagram.

In it, Prince is quick to give a piggyback ride to Paris, showing that they’re not just close — they’re also comfortable with being themselves in the spotlight.


Paris also made sure that her costume included a pair of fuzzy dragon slippers, which look pretty cozy.


The pair have seen a lot of each other in recent weeks. Not only were they both present (and a big part of) their cousin Siggy Jackson’s wedding this September, but they also hit the red carpet for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. As Paris was Taylor’s goddaughter and is currently an ambassador for her foundation, their appearance meant a lot. In her eyes, Taylor was “a real badass.”

"It’s very rare that you see someone with that kind of influence really use their platform for something so important," she said to People. "She wasn’t going to let the HIV/AIDS pandemic run wild as it directly impacted her friends and loved ones."

We’re happy these two have had so many memorable opportunities to spend time together. Maybe next year they’ll surprise us with a clever group outfit for Halloween. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind if they stuck with onesies.

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