This priest just built a whoa-good replica of the Vatican out of (wait for it) LEGOS.

Are you ready for the LEGO creation of all LEGO creations? Father Bob Simon, from Scranton, Pennsylvania, created a replica of the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica church and St. Peter’s Square, and it’s out-of-this-world amazing.

“I used this book jacket cover, and I just basically looked at one window at a time, and one balcony at a time, and just tired to duplicate everything in LEGO brick,” Father Bob says in a video from NBC Washington. “It was an exercise in patience!”

A project this sizes takes some outside-the-box thinking. The priest says he got creative with his building techniques, using upside down wheel wells and skeleton arms to make the dome’s sashes, and life preservers for the windows.

“I was probably most scared of doing the dome,” he continued. “It’s not easy to do circular things in LEGO bricks since most of them are square.”

The masterpiece is very precise, including columns, light fixtures, gates and guards. There’s a LEGO man Pope too, blessing the crowd from a balcony. Father Bob even added a personal little Easter Egg — a LEGO man dressed as a priest that looks just like him!

“I wanted to show a lot of diversity,” he told USA Today. “St. Peters Square is one of those places where people from all over the world come together.”

The pastor started building in 2014, and it took about 10 months and half a million LEGOs to complete. And! You can see it in person — Father Bob’s Vatican is currently on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

Featured image via Twitter