From a rainbow superhero mask to glitter lips, here are 19 Pride-inspired makeup looks

If you’re anything like us, your Instagram and Snapchat feed are all about LGBTQ Pride month. We love how this time of year brings out so much creative expression and joie de vivre. MUAs all over the world are sharing their rainbow-flag inspired makeup under the hashtag #pridemakeup and OMG, the artistry is truly inspiring.

From subtle pops of color to how-can-they-possibly-have-the-patience-for-all-that-blending eyeshadow lewks, #pridemakeup is makeup artistry at its finest. Think psychedelic cut crease eyeshadows, lip art, bangin’ colored eyebrows, and glitter everywhere. Get ready to bookmark some seriously unique Pride-inspired glam.

How absolutely perfect is this ombré lip? It’s almost unreal.

When you think “Pride makeup,” eyeshadow is the first thing that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be all about eyeshadows though.

How about a holographic lip gloss?

Watch this MUA break down a rainbow brow. Could it really be this easy?

Grab the Morphe 35C palette ($19.99) to recreate this artsy white lip look.

This shadow mask and high ponytail are giving us superhero vibes.

Sign us up.

How about an adorable row of tiny hearts?

Who knew white brows could be so stunning?

We’re loving how this mauve lippie looks with rainbow shadow.

An unexpected pairing, but super cute.

Okay, this one looks like it took a ton of patience but we’re totally here for it.

A little white liner goes a long way.

Hell yes to this eyebrow-less moment.

Proof that glitter makes everything better.

We’re bookmarking this neon skull makeup look for Halloween.

When you can’t decide whether to do a lip or nah.

One word — PRECISION.

This before and after though!

A softer take on rainbow glam.


How, Sway?!

Make no mistake, we’ll be refreshing the #pridemakeup hashtag at regular intervals all month long. These are just TOO good.

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